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Our Team

President and Founding Partner

As President and Founding Partner, Brandon is responsible for maintaining and building client relationships for the firm. In addition, he works on the strategic vision and long-term focus of Alpine Hill Advisors. This includes managing the day-to-day operation of the firm including recruitment of new team members and overseeing M&A opportunities to grow the firm.

Chief INVESTMENT Officer and Founding Partner

As Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, Gregoire is responsible for providing leadership in all aspects of the firm’s investment management process. Gregoire is known for his professional approach to managing and directing stock portfolios for clients. He has developed a unique and novel approach in researching third-party asset managers that he has deployed for more than a decade.

Director of Client Engagement

Catherine brings an abundance of administrative and operational experience to Alpine Hill Advisors. As Director of Client Engagement, Catherine’s interpersonal skills and attention to detail are used to provide clients with exceptional service and communication. Her focus on clients includes up-to-date account reporting and administration, client portfolio management and managing Alpine Hill Advisors’ due diligence process in preparing and drafting client documents.

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